Parco Piccolo at Expo in the City

Dialogues and emotions about the Apulian extra virgin olive oil

The green gold from the Mediterranean between suggestions and tastings

During the event Expo in the City, held in Milan for all the Expo duration, Parco Piccolo has organized some meetings to discuss about the Apulian extra virgin olive oil. 

The initiative has been an experiential space dedicated simultaneously to lovers of extra virgin, buyers (including restaurants), producers but also to the general public. That audience that increasingly have the desire to be informed and to know what they buy and what they eat, orienting their choices toward a more conscious and quality consumption.

The initiative, including four thematic events between June and October, has took place in Milan, in the ENEL main conference room, in Broletto Road.


21st October 2015

Oil and fashion month

Cooking show - Make & Taste
The Apulian chef Danilo Vita cooks some specialties from Puglia using Parco Piccolo extra virgin olive oil. Mr. Vita explains how to use the olive oil for cooking. 

15st October 2015

Oil and fashion month

Presentation: Emerging Haute Couture
A fashion exhibition focused on young fashion stylists coming from the Fashion Puglia Contest 2015.
Course - Learn & Taste
A panel expert, Mr. Roberto Calò from Dop Collina di Brindisi Association, explains how to taste the extra virgin oil, to recognize its quality and choose the best. The expert leads to a perfect oil tasting with "Bicaroma", the special glass made by the designer Tiziana Ponzio for the occasion.

16th July 2015

Meeting – Extra virgin Extra health Extra wellness

A meeting with:the representative of Parco Piccolo company, Massimo Lanzilotti; the biologist nutritionist, Monica Brunetti; the nutritionist and  naturopath Simona Vignali. They have shown, respectively the process and the factors that lead to obtain a quality oil, the correct use in the cooking, the key role in diets and of course the many beneficial properties for the health and well-being.

23rd June 2015

Meeting – The green gold from the Mediterranean

A meeting to present the Extra virgin olive oil Parco Piccolo and the Apulian oil peculiarities. Reviewing the main cultivation  techniques, the different production areas and the many varieties of Apulian oil. The aim is: to introduce consumers to the existing varieties of olives and explain how to recognize the best extra virgin olive oil.