Parco Piccolo is a family run farm and olive oil mill born in September 2014 and already on its way to the total conversion to organic production. The company is located on the hills of olive groves, on the entrance of Carovigno, a little town in the province of Brindisi, North Salento.

Parco Piccolo project originates from the long Lanzilotti family experience in the olive oil trading. Entire generations spent in taking care of olive groves and more than twenty years of experience in olive oil business. At Parco Piccolo the Lanzilotti family and its staff works day by day to cultivate and transform agricultural products of its own land. 

Parco Piccolo extra virgin olive oil is made by different kind of olives cultivated along twenty hectares of centuries-old olive groves.  The most of them are cultivated with Ogliarola and the remaining with Coratina, Cima di Melfi, Leccina.

Visiting our property, trees and plants -  the modern oil mill and all processing plants - will be easy to discover the commitment and care necessary to offer genuine and guaranteed products, able to preserve the traditional and natural taste of the past, combining the practices of most scrupulous selection of the product and the most innovative production techniques.

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