Parco Piccolo extra virgin olive oil

Parco Piccolo extra virgin olive oil takes life from the fruit of centuries-old olive trees. It is  100% made in Puglia. Its green gold colour, its delicate smell, its unique Mediterranean  flavor award every person who tastes it, who appreciates authenticity and the good things of a past time.

The Blend 

Parco Piccolo extra virgin olive oil is a balanced blend. It is obtained from Ogliarola, the most common cultivar in Puglia, mixed with other local kinds of olives such as Leccina and Cima di Melfi (70%). The remaining part is composed by the excellent cultivar Coratina (30%). Olives are picked from the centuries-old olive trees of the Parco Piccolo property. Nowadays the Parco Piccolo olive groves are evolving to the organic production, such the ICEA institute for ethical and environmental certification declares.


Appearance and flavor

Parco Piccolo extra virgin olive oil has a gold colour, with green tones, low fluidity. It is a mild fruity oil, palate is sweet with a light almond scent and light bitter – piquant aftertaste. Very low acidity rate 0,3%.

Healthy properties 

Parco Piccolo extra virgin olive oil is very resistent to go rancid. The high content of monounsaturated-fat and antioxidant elements such as polyphenols, vitamins and carotene make it health and effective in: keeping cholesterol under control, regulating oxidant processes, preventing atherosclerosis and diminish the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Suggestions to use it

Parco Piccolo extra virgin olive oil is perfect for dressing cold dishes and typical fries and bruschette (toasted bread). Great to prepare main and second courses with meat or fish.